Digital Cash Solutions for a Connected World

Quantoz Payments, a 100% daughter company of Quantoz, is a digitized money payment provider with a Dutch e-money license for specific payment use cases and financial ecosystems. The e-money tokens are owned by customers (consumers, merchants, devices…) in wallets on public blockchains and are pegged to euro and backed by a 100% reserve on a trust bank account managed by and under responsibility of Quantoz Payments under its Dutch e-money license.

We provide our business partners with the ability to easily integrate digitized money into their business to create their own financial ecosystem. Digitized money provides a significant reduction in transactions fees and risks for businesses in many industries, while creating opportunities for new business models. Our partners have access to the benefits of digitized money without the costs, complexity and risks associated with the required compliance procedures and technological development. By providing a full-service model, we enable our partners to focus on marketing their value proposition to their customers. Partners can decide to use our extensive set of APIs to integrate all the functionality into their own applications.

Quantoz Foundation

Under its e-money license, Quantoz Payments must safeguard that the funds of e-money users remain separated from its own funds. Therefore, Quantoz Payments has founded Quantoz Foundation, a customer accounts foundation. The foundation acts as a separate, independent custodian to manage the funds entrusted by the consumers and merchants. Under no circumstances may the foundation engage in commercial activities.

The foundation has no other objectives than; the receipt of third-party funds, the (temporary) management, and the disbursement of third-party funds to beneficiaries.

Key People

Gaston Hendriks
CTO / Co-founder, Technology​

Gaston has 20 years of experience in the design and implementation of core processes and mission critical IT-solutions in the utility market. Since 2011 he is involved with blockchain technology and initiated the development of NEXUS in 2015.

Nick Haasnoot
CEO, Finance and Organization​

As a former manager of ABN AMRO, Nick has broad experience with financial products. Prior to joining Quantoz, Nick was CEO of a SaaS provider of electronic healthcare records for 10 years. As such he gained a lot of experience with GDPR and SaaS infrastructure.

Henri de Jong
CBDO / Co-Founder

Henri has a track record of more than 30 years of bringing new technologies to the market. He was the driving force behind the “StableCoin as a Service” offering, a joint service from Quantoz, BDO and Bank Frick.

Ron Berndsen
Chairman of the Supervisory Board​

Ron is a professor in Financial Economics at Tilburg University. He worked for more than 20 years at the Dutch Central Bank and European Central Bank. He is a senior independent non-executive director of London Clearing House Ltd., chairing its risk committees.

Roberta Gaddoni
Compliance Officer

Roberta is a certified compliance officer with ten years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry and advising companies on compliance and regulatory aspects.​