Roles and flows

The EURD ecosystem has the following five roles:

Quantoz Payments is the issuer and the gateway between fiat money and EURD. Only Quantoz Payments can mint or burn EURD.

ABN Amro and BUNQ are Dutch banks with a European banking license from the Dutch Central Bank. These two banks provide trusted accounts holding the customer’s funds.. Quantoz Foundation manages this account, and fiat money can only enter or leave the EURD ecosystem through this account.

White-listed service providers offer their services to customers in exchange for EURD. Service providers can be merchants, token issuers, devices, and many more.

Zorg Accountants, an independent auditor, is appointed to audit the ecosystem. The auditor checks if the money in the Quantoz Foundation bank account covers the amount of EURD in the consumer and service provider wallets.


To bring money into the EURD ecosystem, the customer sends fiat money from her bank account to the Quantoz Foundation bank account. Upon receipt of the money, Quantoz Foundation will notify Quantoz Payments, who will then automatically mint (create) the corresponding amount of EURD and send them to the customer’s wallet.

Customers can send EURD to other customers or pay service providers for products or services.

Service providers can redeem the earned EURD by sending EURD back to Quantoz Payments. Quantoz Payments will burn EURD and instruct Quantoz Foundation to pay out the corresponding euro amount to the service provider’s bank account.

The roles and flows described are based on StableCoin as a Service “SCaaS, a concept developed by Quantoz, Bank Frick and BDO in 2019.
You can download the whitepaper here.

Frequently asked questions

Is It Possible To Integrate EURD Into Our Existing Web App?

Yes. You can integrate EURD payments into your existing website or App. Please, visit the Developers section of our website, where you will find more information about our API and open-source App.

We Have Another Use-Case. Can We Still Integrate EURD?

Yes. EURD is a regulated digital programmable euro one can use for different payments to benefit from irreversible, instantaneous, low-cost transactions.

Where Do I find Demos of Use Cases?

We are working hard to get demos on the website! Until then, please visit the YouTube channel of our mother company, Quantoz. You will find many videos of use cases and webinars there.

What Are The Costs for using EURD?

For customers, there are no costs for using EURD. Service Providers pay a small service fee. Furthermore, no costs are involved with integrating our APIs or using our open-source App.