A 1:1 euro backed e-money token

We are excited to introduce Quantoz Euro EURD , a new form of money that will revolutionize the digital currency landscape. As pioneers in the field of blockchain-based financial solutions, we have obtained an electronic money license from the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) to issue this innovative digital currency.

Regulatory Compliance and Stability:

One of the key differentiators of the EURD is its compliance with regulations and its stability as a currency. Unlike many other stablecoins, Quantoz Payments, the issuer of EURD, is under prudential supervision of DNB. The stability of EURD is further bolstered by its pegging to the Euro, enabling a reliable and predictable value proposition.

EURD is guaranteed to not lose its peg

EURD sets itself apart by benefiting from direct integration into the European Banking infrastructure. As a licensed issuer, we have established a direct partnership with a bank in the Netherlands which brings significant advantages to the digital currency ecosystem.

Enhanced Security and Transparency

The Quantoz Euro leverages the inherent security and transparency of blockchain technology. Every transaction and movement of EURD is recorded on a distributed ledger, ensuring a tamper-proof and auditable history. Users can verify the authenticity and validity of transactions, enhancing trust in the system. Additionally, the blockchain-based infrastructure mitigates the risk of fraud, hacking, and manipulation, providing users with a highly secure digital currency experience.

Low Transaction Fees and Instant Settlement

Compared to traditional financial systems and some existing stablecoins, the Quantoz digital euro offers significantly lower transaction fees and near-instant settlement times. By utilizing blockchain technology, transactions can be processed efficiently without the need for intermediaries, resulting in cost savings for users.

Scalability and Integration Potential

The Quantoz Euro has been designed to be highly scalable and compatible with a wide range of applications. The underlying blockchain technology provides rapid expansion and adoption infrastructure, supporting a growing ecosystem of decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, merchant integrations, machine-to-machine payments, and other digital financial services. With EURD , businesses can unlock new opportunities, individuals can access innovative financial products, and the overall digital economy can flourish.

The Quantoz Euro represents a significant leap forward in the realm of monies, combining the stability and regulatory compliance of traditional currencies with the efficiency and transparency of blockchain technology. As a licensed issuer of this innovative digital currency, we are committed to building a robust and user-friendly ecosystem that empowers individuals and businesses to embrace the benefits of the Quantoz digital Euro. With its regulatory compliance, central bank support, enhanced security, low fees, and scalability, EURD stands out as the superior choice for those seeking a reliable and forward-thinking digital currency solution.

Join us on this transformative journey as we reshape the future of digital finance with the Quantoz digital euro. 

Frequently asked questions

Who Issues EURD?

Quantoz Payments is prudentially supervised by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and has a license to operate as Electronic Money Institution (EMI), allowing it to issue digital money.

Is EURD a Cryptocurrency?

No. Quantoz Payments issues a digital euro on the blockchain. This Electronic Money Tokens (EMTs) is designed to be compliant with the recently adopted European Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation (MiCAR).

Is EURD regulated?

Yes. Quantoz Payments is a regulated financial intitution and supervised by the Dutch Central Bank.

Is EURD always 1:1 Redeemable?

Yes. Quantoz Payments is obliged to redeem EURD back into fiat money.

Who holds the Reserves?

Quantoz Foundation holds the reserves. This foundation is independent from Quantoz Payments and holds the customer funds separated from Quantoz Payments’ assets.

Is EURD Programmable?

Yes. You can use our APIs for programming EURD-transactions on the supported blockchains.