Media Assets

These brand and copy guidelines demonstrate the correct way for organizations to apply the Quantozpay brands, if permitted by Quantozpay and its guidelines below.

Official Naming Conventions

Quantoz Payments, or QP

Represents the company Quantoz Payments B.V.

Refers to the official website of Quantoz Payments.


EURD is the Electronic Money Token (EMT) issued by Quantoz Payments.


Terms of Use

You are permitted to utilize QP trademarks, including word marks and logos, in accordance with these guidelines and solely for lawful purposes. Unless explicitly stated in these guidelines or other agreements between you and QP, no additional rights are conferred upon you. Please note that the status of QP’s trademarks may change, and these guidelines may require updates periodically. It is your responsibility to adhere to the most current version.

QP’s trademarks should only be employed to reference EURD and QP’s products and services. You acknowledge QP’s exclusive ownership of these trademarks and agree not to impede upon its rights, including challenging QP’s use or registration of the trademarks. Furthermore, you must not misuse or damage the reputation of any QP trademarks.

You are prohibited from registering or using QP trademarks in a manner that implies sponsorship or endorsement by QP. Additionally, you may not employ QP trademarks for unlawful or deceptive activities. Any goodwill derived from the use of QP trademarks belongs solely to QP.

When using QP trademarks with designs, such as logos, you must utilize the trademark images provided by QP without alteration. QP reserves the right to object to any unauthorized use of its trademarks, even if not explicitly prohibited by these guidelines.

If QP objects to your use of its trademarks, you must immediately cease usage. Furthermore, you agree to transfer any infringing assets, such as social media profiles or domain names, to QP upon notice. Your right to use QP trademarks is contingent upon strict adherence to these guidelines, and any violation will result in automatic revocation of usage rights.

If you do not agree to these terms, refrain from downloading or using QP trademarks.