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Fully compliant Electronic Money Token (EMT) wallet

Use the Quantoz payment app to integrate into e-commerce, web3 applications, pay invoices, receive payments, and send money to friends. You can send and receive EURD with a few clicks as quickly as with any bank app.

For customers

EURD Wallet

Download the payment app

Download the app and create an account

Go through the KYC process

Provide your details and documents

Top up your account

Buy EURD with euro

Send and receive

Pay for products online, send money to your friends or create a payment request

Transaction details
Funding overview

Zero transaction fees

No monthly fees, no transaction fees, no hidden fees. 

Your privacy has our highest priority

The EURD wallet provides an additional layer of privacy. We never share card data or bank account information with the transaction.

Digital Cash

You can send and receive EURD like digital cash – all with a few clicks.

Peer to peer

The easiest ways to share costs, split bills, or send money abroad. 


EURD For Merchants

Sign Up

Register your company

Accept EURD

Integrate EURD as a payment method

Redeem EURD

No volatility risk, redeem 1:1 to euro

Payment request iverview
Payment request iverview

Competitive redemption fees

Low transaction fees, making it a competitive alternative to traditional payment methods

Instant payment

You instantly receive the EURD payment in your wallet – not days. The transaction is irreversible

Minimize fraud

The EURD wallet provides a high degree of security with built-in authentication

Prevent chargebacks

EURD transactions are verifiable and irreversible, preventing chargebacks


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