Use cases

EURD has many use cases

EURD only exists digitally, allowing customers and service providers to conduct transactions without physical cash or traditional banking infrastructure.

EURD transactions are low-cost, instantaneous, and irreversible. The EURD characteristics enable the exploitation of new business models, such as IoT, Web3, and DeFi.

For Merchants

Quantoz Payments does not work with rolling reserves. Service providers instantly receive EUROD in their wallet and can use it immediately, improving their liquidity. EURD can always be redeemed at the lowest service fees. There are no chargebacks, which is especially important when providing digital services.

Quantoz Payments provides a payment app at no costs and handles the blockchain transaction fees.


Service providers receive the money directly and can also use it immediately. There are no chargebacks, which is especially important when providing digital services. One can exchange EURD for fiat money at any time.

Peer-to-Peer payments

EURD enables anonymous P2P payments. Because Quantoz Payments handles the blockchain transaction fee, service providers and customers do not have to deal with crypto.

IoT payments

IoT payments refer to transactions enabled by IoT technology and characterized by small amounts. The low blockchain transaction fees make IoT payments feasible.

Each IoT device can have its own account (“wallet”) and thus become a profit center.

Metaverse / Web3

Blockchain networks offer instant settlement and ensure the immediate transfer of value in a digital economy. With the introduction of the European legislation MICAR, EURD complies with AML and KYC requirements for Web3 and Metaverse payments.

Decentralized finance

DeFi is the future of finance, but European consumers face challenges such as handling cryptos, foreign exchange risks, and bad actors.

And token issuers face high up-front investment costs and compliance issues. EURD solves these challenges by providing a regulated payment gateway into DeFi and back. EURD complies with MICAR and offers KYC and AML checks on coin level.

Asset Tokenization

EURD is programmable and enables regulated “Delivery versus Payment” transactions of EURD with tokenized assets, minimizing the counterpart risk with instant settlement at low transaction costs.

Join us on this digital journey as we navigate the exciting e-money world and its boundless possibilities. Embrace the future of finance, where convenience, security, and efficiency converge to redefine how we transact in the 21st century. Let’s embark on a cashless, borderless, and inclusive financial adventure!